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Obama And Putin At The United Nations - Who’s Kidding Who?

HRH Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the United Nations yesterday. HRH Obama was eager to show how flexible he was now that he had won reelection and showed off some wonderful yoga poses including Ragdoll, Functional Squat, Kneeling Lunge, Pyramid, and the Extended Child’s Pose. Everyone in attendance thought HRH Obama’s demonstration was amazing.

It was clear that Putin was impressed by HRH Obama’s increased flexibility and asked HRH to email him the name of his yoga instructor.

After the meeting, President Putin met with other world leaders about the ongoing problems in Iraq and Syria.

Meanwhile, HRH Obama went to his scheduled yoga class which includes most, if not all, of the leaders in the impressive 62 country coalition HRH Obama has managed to put together. After the strenuous yoga class, HRH Michelle Obama treated those world leaders in attendance to a lovely afternoon tea which included a variety of teas, wonderful scones served with a lovely blueberry marmalade and cucumber sandwiches which had the cucumber seeds removed and the bread crusts carefully cut off by HRH personally.

HRH Obama lunched while the Middle East burned.

Posted by Rick | September 29, 2015 07:35 AM

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