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Democratic Debate - Don't You Dare Pick On Hillary

In the first Republican debate Fox News tried to embarrass Donald Trump from the very first question and much of the questions after that followed in the same vein.

CNN tried to get the participants to attack one another in the second Republican debate.

We know that CNN is in tank for Hillary so don't expect them to ask her anything too tough lest they get accused of a war on women.

We know she was for the war on Iraq before she was against it.

We know she was against gay marriage before she was for it.

We know she was for the for the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership (a.k.a. the TPP) before she was against it.

We know she doesn't think Obama went far enough with his illegal executive orders regarding illegal immigrants.

We know that she has lied about her emails and personal sever and attempted to destroy emails when she had been served with at least one subpoena and other requests under the freedom of information act.

And finally, we know that the phone rang at '3 A.M.' when the American ambassador and three others were attacked and ultimately killed in Benghazi and neither she or the President even bothered to 'answer the phone.'

Bernie Sanders is a communist.

The other 3 candidates are riding in the trunk of the Democratic clown car.

Debate over.

Posted by Rick | October 13, 2015 05:16 PM

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