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James Clapper...Can He Be Trusted To Tell The Truth?

Watched Bill O'Reilly this evening playing clips of James Clapper being interviewed by Chuck Todd on NBC's Meet The Press this past Sunday and Clapper didn't answer the questions posed to him by Mr. Todd but seemed to be playing verbal gymnastics...He said 'we didn't include any evidence of wrongdoing by the Trump camp IN OUR REPORT.' He didn't say there wasn't any.

When asked if he could confirm or deny the existence of a FISA warrant he said, "I can deny it." Is he 'definitively' denying the existence of the warrant or is he merely saying he is 'able to' deny it? It just depends on what the meaning of the word 'can' is.

Isn't this the same James Clapper who admitted to lying to Congress while under oath? James Clapper is not to be trusted.

Posted by Rick | March 6, 2017 08:20 PM

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