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Florida Shooting A Drop In The Ocean

The school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead and many others wounded was, of course, a tragedy for those involved and for America in general. News reports would seem to portray this as a common occurrence, just another day, just another school shooting. This was, according to Shepard Smith of Fox News, the 25th school shooting in the United States since the Columbine school shooting on April 20, 1999. ABC News reported on ‘20/20’ that FBI records show there have been 141 deaths in those school shootings. Of course, 1 school shooting is one too many but in a country of 320,000,000 people this is really a drop in the ocean. Hell, on a bad weekend in Chicago these days there are 25 shootings. In 2016 according to the Chicago Police Department, Chicago had 762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents and 4,331 shooting victims. All this while Chicago boasts some of the strictest gun laws in the country. It is unlikely that more gun laws could do much to stem the violence. The problem is much deeper than a lack of laws.

Posted by Rick | February 16, 2018 02:17 AM

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