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Biden, Clinton And Corruption

Nancy 'The Witch' Pelosi proclaims on a daily basis that no one is above the law. I would like to know where are her calls to investigate the million dollar deals that former Vice-President Joe Biden's son came home with while he was galavanting around the world (specifically China and the Ukraine) with his daddy on Air Force 2.

If no one is above the law, where is the outrage that Hilary Clinton signed off on a deal to sell a significant portion of our uranium to Russia while her foundation was taking a reported one hundred and forty five million dollars (that's $145,000,000 for those of you in Altoona) from Russian contributors. And we should not forget to mention deleting 33,000 emails, destroying server(s) and phones, and being caught with top secret documents on her private servers. Remember former President Bill Clinton secretly meeting with AG Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix while his lovely bride was being investigated by the Department of Justice that AG Lynch was the head of.

Change the names on the above paragraphs to President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., AG Barr and let's see what the Democraps would have to say about that. They would be apoplectic. Impeach! Impeach!! Impeach!!!

Posted by Rick | May 23, 2019 10:23 AM

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