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The Census And John Roberts

The census the gives us the opportunity to determine how many citizens and non-citizens we have living in any given area of the country every ten years.

With the question of citizenship on the census we would have been able to get a true head count of our population while apportioning the House of Representatives according to actual citizenship.

Without the question we will now give added representation to states, mostly states bordering Mexico - California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, with bloated populations of illegal immigrants. Believing that the hispanic population will generally vote with the liberals, this is the reason the Democraps support open borders and do not want the illegal alien population counted separately from the total population.

Unfortunately, Chief Justice John Roberts managed to distort his reasoning, as he did with his decision on Obamacare, finding a way to side with the liberals on the Supreme Court in denying the question of citizenship on the census questionnaire.

Roberts wrote the Commerce Department's rationale for including the question "seems to have been contrived."

"We are presented, in other words, with an explanation for agency action that is incongruent with what the record reveals about the agency'€™s priorities and decision-making process."

Deciding the question because Roberts didn't like the rationale presented is a terrible reason to skew the results of the census.

Posted by Rick | June 27, 2019 10:35 AM

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