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Clowns Invade Senate

Watched much of the impeachment trial in the Senate today without the aid of an alcoholic beverage, but a little after dinner tonight I just couldn’t take it any more and I made a margarita. It’s now almost midnight and I ran out my normal margarita mix and have graduated to watermelon margaritas.

The Democraps are quite insistent in their message today to the Senate is that no one is above the law...now be careful Democraps what you wish for.. remember...not Lois Lerner (IRS), not Samantha Powell (Un ambassador unmasking over 250 Americans illegally), not Peter Strzok (FBI), not Andrew McCabe (FBI), not Lisa Page (FBI), not Loretta Lynch (DOJ), not James Comey (FBI ~ FISA warrant/extensions/leaks), not Hillary Clinton (uranium/foundation pay for play~destruction of emails and electronic devices~improper handling of classified documents~600 denied security requests that led to death of ambassador and other American heroes), and certainly not VP Joey Biden (his ne’r-do-well son was paid millions for his no show/no experience job in Ukraine, $1.5 billion, that’s $1.5 billion with a ‘B’ from a Chinese bank to fund a brokerage account in the US, and there's Joey's bothers who also cashed in on government deals after he was VP). And of course, who could forget HRH Barrack Hussein Obama who had to know of all the crap that was going on with the illegal surveillance of Carter Page and the Trump campaign. Did I miss anyone in my drunken stupor? Probably!

I fully expect the House Of Representative impeachment gang of seven to show up tomorrow wearing big round red noses and huge floppy shoes. Clowns all!!!

Make America Great Again~Keep America Great!!!

Posted by Rick | January 21, 2020 11:56 PM

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