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The 'Great' Senator Romney ~ God Made Me Do It!

President Trump isn’t accused of committing any crime in his impeachment trial. He did withhold approximately $400 billion dollars in aid from Ukraine for a few weeks but did deliver it before the end of the fiscal year. It should also be noted that it is entirely within his power to withhold foreign aid to any country for any reason he believes is in the best interest of the United States.

The 'great' Senator Mitt Romney is going to vote to convict President Trump today. He claims that he believes (without any proof) that President Trump asked for the newly elected Ukrainian President to investigate corruption in Ukraine that included former Vice- President Joe Biden. There is proof (a video) that Vice-President Biden leveraged a $1 billion loan guarantee to the Ukrainians in order to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. It just so happens that the prosecutor was investigating a Ukrainian company that was paying his son $83,333 a month for a no show, no experience needed job.

Was President Trump so afraid of former Vice-President Biden that he would concoct a scheme to smear him? Remember the smearing was already done by former VP Biden’s own words. Do we know what the former VP’s exact motives were when he threatened the Ukrainians?

The 'great' Senator Romney is making an assumption that he can somehow divine President Trump’s motives in the worst possible light and divine former VP Biden’s admitted leveraging of the $1 loan guarantee as completely in the best interests of the United States and no further investigation should be conducted.

In his one and only interview about this before the vote this afternoon, Romney seemed to hide behind his religion while coming to these extraordinary conclusions. The 'great' Senator Romney claims that it is his religion that is making him do this. That must be one very special religion that has given him these powers to divine everyones’ exact motives.

What could the 'great' Senator Romney’s real motives be for voting to convict President Trump? Jealousy? Payback for not getting a high profile job in Trump’s administration? Some other perceived slight? My divining rod isn’t working right now.

Posted by Rick | February 5, 2020 12:44 PM

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