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Presidential Debate

Just finished watching the debate and while it appeared that Joe Biden knew where he was it was apparent that if his lips were moving he was either lying or talking about some delusional plan to fix 'climate change' by retrofitting buildings and making us all drive cars that all run on electricity and blaming tornados in the mid-west on said 'climate change'. Millions of jobs to be created in 'green new deal' programs is absurd. Can you say 'Solyndra'?

I live in Nevada where in the past month or so we have been asked to reduce our power consumption because California was having energy shortages causing rolling black-outs. If California were to go to all electric vehicles can you imagine 15 million vehicles being plugged in every day during happy hour....there would be a lot of drinking going on but there would be no ice cubes for the drinks.

Where in the world is Hunter Biden? Nothing to see there... The entire saga of his economic escapades in China, the Ukraine, and Moscow were all debunked don't you know says 'Say It Ain't So' Joe.

You can read the report on Hunter Biden's corrupt financial dealings here.

Posted by Rick | September 29, 2020 07:55 PM

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