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COVID 19 Deaths

Adriana Gomez Licon of the Associated Press wrote today:

The U.S. is now averaging about 650 deaths a day, increasing more than 80 percent from two weeks ago and going past the 600 mark on Saturday for the first time in three months.

Is that an average death toll since the beginning of the pandemic? It surely isn't the death toll for the past week, month or past three months. So what is the point in writing that?

It is however no surprise that there is an uptick in COVID deaths since the Biden administration is peppering American communities with thousand of COVVID positive illegal immigrants admitted into the US from our porous southern border.

How many American deaths is Biden responsible for because of his illegal handling of the crush of humanity coming across our border from Mexico?

Posted by Rick | August 14, 2021 06:57 PM

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