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As Long As We're Woke

From the cadets at West Point, the sailors on our nuclear subs, to the Chairman of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff (JCS), our military is officially woke.

Unfortunately the military's job is not sitting around campfires singing Kumbaya. We have thousands of people who work in the Pentagon making plans, contingency plans, and contingency-contingency plans. Those plans are available to our civilian leaders but do us no good if we have idiots for civilian leaders who are more worried about sexual identity, skin color, and Critical Race Theory (CRT) than they are about protecting American interests. Our military can be very, very good at breaking things and killing people if left alone, but for many, many years this other crap has slowly become more important than their true mission which should be protecting America, first, last and always.

Today in Afghanistan there is chaos. If the current JCS, General Mark A. Milley, advised President Joey to do what is transpiring in Afghanistan, he should resign in shame. If he advised President Joey to do something different and was overruled he should resign in protest. The impolite term for this in military terms is a cluster fuck and it will go down in history as perhaps our military's second best cluster fuck rivialing Custer's battle at the Little Big Horn for first place.

But don't worry, no matter how many people die because of this failure of leadership, our military is woke. Thank God for that.

Posted by Rick | August 16, 2021 11:20 AM

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