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Lies And Total Capitulation

Over the weekend I heard a few things about the negotiated debt cap proposal and I wasn't too pleased but wanted to wait for the whole bill to be presented.

The bill is being described by House leadership as the best the Republicans could get. Has Speaker McCarthy actually read the bill? If he has he should be ashamed for presenting this to anyone with a brain. I don't know who was negotiating for the Republicans but they should be fired immediately. It's no wonder President Biden went on vacation during the negotiations. He had nothing to worry about.

Representative Dan Bishop (R-NC) was on the 'War Room' with Steve Bannon a little while ago and described what was not a negotiation but a total capitulation. The bill is little more than a shell game full of the same old lies and half truths that I have come to expect from Washington.

McCarthy should take a lesson from the negotiators who negotiated with China during the Trump administration, "grow a pair" or resign!

Posted by Rick | May 30, 2023 11:20 AM

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