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April 28, 2006

Your Oil Dollars At Work

The Bush administration is bound and determined to allow the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to invest its wealth of oil riches in crucial American infrastructure.

Dubai International Capital LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Holding, has agreed to the purchase of Doncasters, which is a "leading international engineering group that manufactures precision components and assemblies for the aerospace, industrial gas turbines, specialist automotive, medical orthopaedic and petrochemical markets. The group excels in working with alloys and metals that are difficult to shape and form." Doncasters manufactures engine components for U.S. military aircraft and main battle tanks.

The Huffington Post reported:

Dubai, which agreed this month to sell its interest in U.S. ports, said its $1.2 billion takeover of a U.K. company with U.S. plants that make military equipment is delayed while the authorities investigate security concerns.

Dubai International Capital LLC, which is owned by the government of the Persian Gulf emirate, and Doncasters Group Ltd. agreed to delay the transaction by as many as two months from March 31 while government agencies review the purchase, Sameer Al Ansari, Dubai International's chief executive, said in an interview today.

As I indicated when I commented on the ill-fated port deal, the UAE is actually one of the most anti-Semitic countries on the face of the earth.

Will Jewish employees in the United States be be descriminated against or even terminated? Time will tell, but remember that the UAE doesn't allow Israeli citizens or items manufactured in Israel into its country.

Security issues aside, these are despicable people who should not be allowed to do business with the United States government until they change their anti-Israel policies.

Posted by Rick | April 28, 2006 02:56 PM | Political Science

April 25, 2006

Chocolate City's Mayor Will Melt In Next Disaster If Re-elected

If New Orleans re-elects Mayor Ray Nagin in the upcoming runoff election, the city will deserve all the chaos and turmoil that is sure to ensue in the next disaster season.

Posted by Rick | April 25, 2006 03:16 AM | Political Science

No Roundup Needed

President Bush gave a speech today and said it wasn't practical to round-up all the illegal aliens and deport them. I agree. But the argument is really disingenuous and I really expect more from a Republican president.

We have millions of people who break the laws of the United States every day. There are drug dealers, tax cheats, prostitutes, and the list goes on. It is impossible to incarcerate them all, or even to find them all. We deal with them one at a time. We try to make it harder to obtain drugs; harder to evade the IRS; harder to prostitute oneself. We make examples of the criminals we catch. We can make it much harder to be an illegal alien and we should make examples of the ones we catch.

We must make it illegal to hire illegal aliens. We must make it impossible to get an education, free health care, and welfare for all illegals. If we make it really tough to be an illegal, they will not come, and they may, in fact, leave.

Come on President Bush - make the right argument and the right decision.

Posted by Rick | April 25, 2006 02:59 AM | Social Studies

April 6, 2006

John Dean - The Liberals New Best Friend

Would somebody please bitch-slap former Nixon White House counsel, John Dean!

Posted by Rick | April 6, 2006 09:41 PM | Political Science

April 5, 2006

The Katie Couric Era Begins At CBS News



However you describe Katie Couric's demeanor, she certainly doesn't make one think of serious, hard-hitting news gathering and reporting. Perhaps, with a few more wrinkles, she will grow into the role of the face of CBS Evening News.

Demeanor aside, the larger question yet to be determined is: Will Ms. Couric, as anchor and managing editor of the evening news, be able to put aside her left-wing bias on a consistent basis, or will it be more of the same tripe we were served by her for the past 15 years on NBC's morning show, "Today"?

Couric, 49, who reportedly signed a five-year contract, will do prime-time specials and contribute to "60 Minutes" in addition to her duties on the nightly news broadcast.

Thank God for the Fox News channel!

Posted by Rick | April 5, 2006 06:30 PM | Social Studies

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