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No Roundup Needed

President Bush gave a speech today and said it wasn't practical to round-up all the illegal aliens and deport them. I agree. But the argument is really disingenuous and I really expect more from a Republican president.

We have millions of people who break the laws of the United States every day. There are drug dealers, tax cheats, prostitutes, and the list goes on. It is impossible to incarcerate them all, or even to find them all. We deal with them one at a time. We try to make it harder to obtain drugs; harder to evade the IRS; harder to prostitute oneself. We make examples of the criminals we catch. We can make it much harder to be an illegal alien and we should make examples of the ones we catch.

We must make it illegal to hire illegal aliens. We must make it impossible to get an education, free health care, and welfare for all illegals. If we make it really tough to be an illegal, they will not come, and they may, in fact, leave.

Come on President Bush - make the right argument and the right decision.

Posted by Rick | April 25, 2006 02:59 AM

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