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The Katie Couric Era Begins At CBS News



However you describe Katie Couric's demeanor, she certainly doesn't make one think of serious, hard-hitting news gathering and reporting. Perhaps, with a few more wrinkles, she will grow into the role of the face of CBS Evening News.

Demeanor aside, the larger question yet to be determined is: Will Ms. Couric, as anchor and managing editor of the evening news, be able to put aside her left-wing bias on a consistent basis, or will it be more of the same tripe we were served by her for the past 15 years on NBC's morning show, "Today"?

Couric, 49, who reportedly signed a five-year contract, will do prime-time specials and contribute to "60 Minutes" in addition to her duties on the nightly news broadcast.

Thank God for the Fox News channel!

Posted by Rick | April 5, 2006 06:30 PM

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