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Straight Talk Express Now Double Talk Express

Today, in a "I voted against the war, before I voted for it" John Kerry moment, the Republican candidate for President, Senator John McCain, while attempting to distance himself from President Bush, angrily declared that 'never again, never again" would the federal government's response to a tragedy like hurricane Katrina be so inept, all the while proudly defending his votes against funding the relief and reconstruction efforts along the gulf coast in hurricane Katrina's wake.

How can the 'great' Senator McCain condemn the federal government's response to the catastrophe, when, as senator, he voted against sending any funds to the devastated areas, rationalizing his votes against the relief and reconstruction bills because they were laden with extraneous wasteful spending provisions, more commonly known as pork?

Senator McCain, who will normally cross the aisle in the blink of an eye, understands compromise and, just as he did when he went along with the 'gang of 14' which allowed some worthy candidates to the federal bench to be thrown under the bus while getting other federal judgeships approved, could have and should have voted for sending the much needed funds to Katrina victims, while looking the other way at the pork.

Now, because of his forceful "never again, never again" proclamation, one would believe that, as President, McCain would have signed the pork-filled bills if they were sent to him.

McCain voted against the funds for the relief effort as senator, but would have us believe that he would sign the legislation as President? "To be or not to be".... Which is it John boy??

It seems the Straight Talk Express wants to play politics with the Katrina catastrophe and today it became the Double Talk Express.

Posted by Rick | April 24, 2008 10:48 PM

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