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Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Colin Powell has decided that the best man to lead us out of the economic problems we are in is Barack Hussein Obama, not because he is black (wink, wink) but because he is the anointed one who has all the answers. Powell was also impressed that the ladies of The View liked Obama better.

Obama's answers boil down to just one - class warfare (socialism by any other name). Everyone but the most productive among us will get a tax cut. The poor slobs who dare make over $250,000 will pay a bunch more. It is their patriotic duty.

Former Secretary of State Powell says he is afraid of the conservative judges McCain might appoint to the Supreme Court. I always knew Powell was not a true conservative but merely an opportunist who would suck up to the nearest lamp post if it would further his career.

Powell is also disappointed that McCain had the audacity to pick the most popular governor in America, Sarah Palin, to be his running mate. Powell says she is not experienced enough to be President, forgetting the fact that she is actually more experienced than the Obama character he is endorsing. She has actually had executive experience running a town as mayor, and a state as governor. The proverbial 'buck' has stopped at her desk. The One, Obama, has experience as a community organizer, a state legislator (where he voted 'present' over 100 times) and as a U.S. Senator where he spent most of his time running for President. Those are pretty impressive credentials, if I do say so myself.

Colin Powell could have shown his good judgment by staying mute but has obviously has decided that race trumps qualifications and has thrown in with his 'bro.'

Posted by Rick | October 20, 2008 01:34 AM

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