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February 4, 2010

What Are Haitian Officials Thinking???

You may have heard that there was a group of ten Baptist missionaries who were trying to take 33 children from earthquake ravaged Haiti to an orphanage in the neighboring country of the Dominican Republic. Mind you this was not for their own personal gain and was not meant to harm the children, yet the idiots in charge in Haiti have arrested and charged the group with kidnapping and criminal association.

The children are safe and no harm was done to anyone. The Haitians could have politely asked the missionaries, who may or may not have made an error in judgment, to leave the country if they were unhappy about the children being taken on a bus toward the Dominican Republic.

We are pouring billions of dollars of aid into that God-forsaken country and they treat Christian missionaries this way? Charging them criminally when Haiti has so many problems is the real crime here.

Americans should be outraged and should demand that the charges be dropped.

All aid workers should immediately leave Haiti and no one should donate another dime until this travesty of justice is stopped.

Posted by Rick | February 4, 2010 09:46 PM | Just A Thought

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