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June 16, 2013

Here Comes Summer

Every summer for the past six summers a blog, Stax o’ Wax published by a woman named Esther, put out a compilation of summer songs that I enjoyed immensely. Unfortunately, Esther closed her blog in December of last year.

Faced with a year without a compilation of summer tunes from Stax o’ Wax, I decided to put together a compilation of summer songs as a thank you to Esther & Stax o’ Wax. Since she has put out over 150 songs with the word 'summer' in the title or about summer activities, a list without duplicating her songs was not easy to compile but I managed and, with a little luck, I may have enough songs for another compilation next year. If not, I will do a compilation of surf music - I have done quite a few compilations of surf songs for myself in the past. (My lovely bride thinks all surf music sounds alike, unlike her Irish dance music which can drive a person to drink, hence the abundance of pubs in Ireland.)

I’m sure you have heard many of these songs before but probably not by the artists who performed them in this compilation.

With a tip of the hat to Esther at Stax o’ Wax, and without further ado, here is the red meat 2013 Summer Of Song Compilation:

A Faded Summer Love - Patti Page
A Swingin’ Summer - Carol Connors
Hot Summer Girls - Flash Cadillac And The Continental Kids
I Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer - Three Dog Night
I’ll See You In The Summertime - Outsiders
In The Good Old Summertime - Anita Kerr Singers
In The Heat Of The Summer - Judy Collins
It’s A Summer Night - Flash Cadillac And The Continental Kids
One Fine Summer Morning - Evie Sands
Remembering Last Summer - Lettermen
Slow Summer Dancin’ ‘One Summer Night’ - Beach Boys
Summer In Monterey - Brian Wilson And Van Dyke Parks (Yes, ‘That’ Brian Wilson)
Summer In Paradise - Beach Boys
Summer Kiss - Duane Eddy
Summer Means Fun - Jan And Dean
Summer Night - From The Film ‘Summer Night’ - Ray Charles Singers (Not ‘That’ Ray Charles)
Summer Of Love - Beach Boys
Summer Serenade - Anita Kerr Singers
Summer Thoughts - Reparata And The Delrons
Summer’s Gone - Lettermen
Summer’s Love - Richard Barrett With The Chantels
The Long Hot Summer - Joanie Sommers
The Things We Did Last Summer - Frank Sinatra
Theme From ‘A Summer Place’ - Lennon Sisters
Theme From ‘Endless Summer’ - Sandals
We Have Something More ‘Than A Summer Love’ - Connie Francis
When Summer Comes ‘Gonna Hustle You’ - Jan And Dean
Will You Love Me ‘Like You Did Last Summer’ - Westwoods

If you would like to listen to any or all of these summer songs, they can be found in the red meat Jukebox.

Posted by Rick | June 16, 2013 07:54 PM | Just A Thought

June 11, 2013

Can We Trust Our Government?

We have had a government that has been able to listen to our electronic transmissions for decades. After some complaints it was decided that a judge would have to issue a search warrant before our privacy could be compromised by our government. Even after 9/11 when the federal government wanted to expand its capabilities to listen to our electronic transmissions, a FISA court was embodied with the power to authorize the enhanced government intrusions into our lives.

Because of a, some would say brave, even heroic, whistle-blower, it has come to light that our government has increased its collection and storage of the electronic transmissions, including information from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, cell phones, and emails, of hundreds of millions of US citizens.

In a smaller scandal where only 80,000 farmers were affected, the EPA recently released what should have been private information about the farmers to three radical environmental groups. Only after the release of the information was discovered by some US senators did the EPA ask for the return of the information from the environmental groups. If you believe that the information will be returned, you also believe in unicorns, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus. A bell cannot be unrung.

And the abuses by this administration just seem to keep coming. Prior to the release of the farmers' information, it was discovered that Cindy Thomas, a unit manager in the Cincinnati IRS office, had illegally released the tax applications of nine conservative organizations to the left-wing group, ProPublica. Of course, the IRS has claimed that the release was accidental. It has also come to light that some pro-marriage groups had their information released to gay marriage advocacy organizations. I don't know if the IRS asked for the information from these illegal releases to be returned, but I doubt it. The IRS is probably a little more skeptical about human behavior.

In light of these abuses by this administration, do we really want our current, or future, government collecting and storing all this information from our electronic transmissions. We must also remember that our government is also going to collect and store all our medical information.

Posted by Rick | June 11, 2013 06:06 AM | Political Science ~ | Social Studies

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