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June 15, 2014

Songs Of Summer 2014

Here are the Songs Of Summer 2014 in a spiffy white version of the red meat jukebox for your listening enjoyment:

Posted by Rick | June 15, 2014 03:52 AM | Just For Fun

June 13, 2014

Summer's Almost Officially Here - Here Is The Summer Music Compilation List

I'll put the summer music in the red meat jukebox in the next few days, but for now you'll have to get by with just the song list from The Songs Of Summer Compilation 2014(in alphabetical order).

A Faded Summer Love - Ray Charles Singers
Cloudy Summer Afternoon - Barry McGuire
Hot Fun In The Summertime - Beach Boys
I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance - Carole King
05 - In The Good Old Summertime - Ray Charles Singers
In The Summer Of His Years - Connie Francis
Let's Make The Most Of The Summer - Fantastic Baggys 'Instrumental'
Some Summer - Jerry Keller
Summer Breeze - Sandals 'Instrumental'
10 - Summer Dreams - McGuire Sisters
Summer Love - Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra
Summer Love Sensation - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Summer Lovin' - From 'Grease' - Olivia Newton-John And John Travolta
Summer Means Fun - Flash Cadillac And The Continental Kids
15 - Summer Night City - ABBA
Summer Sadness - Jerry Keller
Summer Souvenirs - Karl Hammel Jr
Summer Surf - Dick Dale 'Instrumental'
Summer's Come And Gone - Brandywine Singers
20 - Simmer's Comin' - Kirby Saint Romain
Summer's End - Billy Cliff
Summertime Blues - Beach Boys
'Summertime' From 'Porgy And Bess' - Joanie Sommers
Summertime Is Surfin' Time - Surf Bunnies
25 - Summertime Nights - The Happytones Featuring Bobby Sheen
'The Endless Summer' Composite - Sandals 'Instrumental'
The Last Rose Of Summer - Anita Kerr Singers
Theme From 'A Summer Place' - Joanie Sommers

Posted by Rick | June 13, 2014 05:43 PM | Just For Fun

Will Obama Boycott France?

I thought we had tough sanctions in place against the Russians?

Why then, when the French are going ahead with the sale of at least 2 warships to Russia, did HRH Obama prance around France at the D-Day ceremonies with French President Francois Hollande? Apparently the sale of warships isn't important when HRH is being wined and dined.

And I doubt that the sanctions apply in the White House kitchen. After all, what would HRH Michelle do without Russian caviar and fancy French wine at her lobster luncheons?

You can read more about the sale of the warships here.

Posted by Rick | June 13, 2014 11:55 AM | Political Science

June 12, 2014

It's Over In Iraq

Baghdad Falls To Al Qaeda!!

This is the headline we can expect to see on the front page of every newspaper in America in the next few weeks.

In the administration's latest debacle, HRH Obama has managed to allow Al Qaeda to overrun Iraq without lifting so much as a little finger in defense of the democratically elected government. The United States spent over a trillion dollars, nearly 5,000 American soldiers lost their lives and thousands more were injured in bringing democracy to Iraq, What a waste!

Posted by Rick | June 12, 2014 06:16 PM | Just A Thought

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