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January 21, 2015

Obama's State Of The Union

Everyone is talking about the State Of The Union address HRH Obama gave last night, so I might as well chime in with some good and bad news and a couple thoughts of my own.

Touting the booming economy led by falling gasoline prices, which, if the price of a barrel of oil continues to hover at or below $50 per barrel, could lead to another banking catastrophe that would make the housing crash look like child's play, HRH Obama says that the unemployment rate is 5.6%. Unfortunately, using the formula the administration uses, he could have just as well said said there is full employment...because he has a job. Interestingly, George Will, just prior to HRH's speech, said that the rate would be 9.9% if the rate was calculated with the formula used prior to the Obama administration's changes to said formula.

While playing word games about the exact identity of the fighters/terrorists comprising the threat in the Middle East, Africa and around the globe, HRH barely mentioned the Islamic extremists in his speech. Unfortunately, there is no question that the Middle East and Africa are in chaos. ISIS is in control of major parts of Syria and Iraq. Iran is on the verge of manufacturing nuclear weapons. In Yemen, the presidential palace is surrounded by dissidents with a coup d'état possible at any moment. The political stability of Egypt, Libya, and much of the rest of Africa is very tenuous at best with bands of rebels roaming the countries killing, looting, burning, kidnapping, and raping with little resistance. Oops, I forgot to mention Ebola.

In other good news, the cost of health care, not necessarily health insurance, is sky-rocketing for those who are actually paying for it. While health insurance premiums continue to rise, the tremendous increases in the copay and deductibles are up at tremendously higher rates than the increases in premiums. It is also important to remember that of the 8 million or so people who have actually signed up for the (Un)Affordable Care Act, more than half of those are being subsidized by the federal government. What does that mean? It means, don’t get sick unless you are one of the lucky ones being subsidized by HRH.

Need I mention Russia, the Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, North Korea, Afghanistan, hackers, and race relations in the United States?

With all this going on, HRH believes that global climate change is the biggest threat to our national security. NASA believes with 38% certainty that the year 2014 was the warmest on record. 38%!!! Must be true then.

Enough of the good news!

Unfortunately, all of the above problems pale when you consider that we will have a national debt of well over $20 trillion by the time HRH hits the pavement looking for a new job. HRH, as if he believed he had the Midas touch, has been printing money like it is going out of style while keeping the interest rate artificially low. If we had to pay a fair rate of return for the money we have printed (borrowed), the interest alone would wreak havoc on our national economy. At an interest rate of even a meager 5% per annum, the interest on $20 trillion dollars would be $1 trillion dollars in interest per year.

HRH Obama needs to have his medication adjusted if he thinks as he said in his opening statement,

"America, for all that we've endured; for all the grit and hard work required to come back; for all the tasks that lie ahead, know this:

The shadow of crisis has passed, and the State of the Union is strong."

because he is becoming more and more delusional by the minute.

Posted by Rick | January 21, 2015 01:58 PM | Political Science

January 17, 2015

Bobby Hackett In The red meat Jukebox

Bobby Hackett, the trumpeter famously featured on many of Jackie Gleason's albums, made a record called Rendezvous in 1956 and songs from it are now featured in The red meat Jukebox. Be sure to check them out.

Posted by Rick | January 17, 2015 11:14 PM | Just For Fun

January 16, 2015

Kerry In France - Sacré bleu

Everyone may have thought that the State Department could not sink any lower when then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton presented the Russians with a 'reset' button, and the word 'reset' was misspelled.

Well, today new lows were reached by that same department when Secretary Of State John Kerry took American musician James Taylor over to France to sing a command performance of You've Got A Friend in the wake of the massacre of 17 Frenchmen by three crazy, radical Muslims.

This was a performance worthy of the dreams of a high school student body president. Unfortunately, Kerry is not in high school.

Posted by Rick | January 16, 2015 04:23 PM | Political Science

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