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Fox Still Trying to Embarrass Trump

Just watched Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace and was disappointed in Chris Wallace's attempt to continue to demean Trump. I wrote to the show on their facebook page and said this:

The question you posed to Trump about his demeanor was fine, however, after Trump indicated that he was going to moderate his demeanor your snarky comment 'when are you going to do it?' was really uncalled for. You are becoming a commentator when you do that - not a hard news journalist. That is the same crap Trump complained about after the first debate when y'all tried to embarrass him with your first question - raise your hand if you won't agree to sign a pledge to support the Republican nominee - knowing full well that Trump would be the only one to raise his hand. If you had continued to to do that with every question - on citizenship for illegals, support for common core, full repeal of Obamacare, etc. - that would have been better but you didn't. You started off only trying to embarrass Trump. Become a commentator or keep your snarky little comments to yourself.

Posted by Rick | February 21, 2016 03:47 PM

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