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Fox News Sunday Where They Report Half The Story

I am not a Donald Trump supporter per se and voted for Ted Cruz in the Nevada caucus. That said, I am concerned that Chris Wallace, who has a show called Fox News Sunday, is editing clips to make Trump look bad while leaving out things said by Trump that put perspective on his comments. Specifically, Trump explained that he had said that there were protesters who had brought things in to throw at him and that is why he told them to do whatever was necessary to stop the attacks and that he would pay their legal fees.

Fox always says they are fair and balanced and we report, you decide. If Wallace wants to tell the story, tell the whole story and let the audience decide. If not, Mr. Wallace can always go to work for MSNBC where half-truths are the rule rather than the exception.

Posted by Rick | March 13, 2016 01:47 PM

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