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Michelle Fields vs. Corey Lewandowski - A Shakedown

First, it should be noted again that I am a Cruz supporter and have been disappointed by the name calling and other unbecoming behavior by Trump and the other candidates which ultimately demeans the office that all these 'gentlemen' aspire to.

That said, everyone of the taking-head attorneys on TV last night said they would much rather be the defense attorney than the prosecutor in the case of Michelle Fields vs. Corey Lewandowski. Ann Coulter, who knows a little something about being assaulted, could barely control her laughter when asked if she thought this was an assault.

I watched the tape of the 'incident' over and over and over and no where did I see anyone being thrown around. If anyone was out of line, it may have been Ms. Fields who apparently had already been told a couple times by the Secret Service to back down.

All the talk on the Fox News show, The Five, about issuing an apology to make this go away is a no-win situation for the Trump camp. Issuing an apology would be an admission that something wrong was done to Ms. Fields. Then, even if there were no criminal prosecution/conviction, Ms. Fields would run to civil court where the bar is much lower and, with apology (read admission of some guilt) in hand, would sue for monetary and other damages. The way juries are handing out money these days, she may get more than the $115 million Hulk Hogan was recently awarded.

This is nothing more than a political, and potentially financial, shakedown by Ms. Fields.

Posted by Rick | March 29, 2016 08:03 PM

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