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White House Messaging

I was never a fan of the Obama administration's programs/policies, but it cannot be denied that the messaging that came out of that White House was as if it were coming from one voice. It didn't matter if what they were telling us was a lie, the entire administration all told the same lie. If you didn't want to use the preferred terminology you were gone.

If I could make any suggestion to the Trump administration it would be to try emulate the previous administration and speak with one voice. Time after time it has become apparent that Trump White House has to stop stepping on their message. It wouldn't matter if the message would come via a Presidential tweet, a Presidential interview, the daily press briefing, or a press release, make the message clear and concise.

I liked Sean Spicer and am sorry that he felt it necessary to resign. Changing the White House communications director or press secretary will not change the underlying problem unless there is the will to all speak with one voice and that guidance must come from the top.

The time has come for President Trump to make sure the messaging from his administration is with one voice.

Posted by Rick | July 21, 2017 11:42 AM

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