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May 11, 2018

Songbird John McCain And The Truth

Thomas G. McInerney, a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, said on a Fox News program that Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) was called 'songbird' because when he was tortured by the Viet Cong he apparently spilled his guts and admittedly made a tape confessing his war crimes. I say 'apparently' because I wasn't there but I'm guessing that if anyone would know it would be an Air Force Lieutenant General and the tape of McCain's confession is available here. A spokesman for Fox News said that because General McInerney spoke that insensitive truth Fox News was never going to have him on again.

I don't know General McInerney but it seems to me that when McCain interjected himself into the conversation about torture and the nominee to be CIA chief, Gina Haspel, from his home in Arizona it is fair to point out that torture does sometimes work, as it did with McCain, and it is also fair to point out that McCain voted to approve John Brennan, who had been Haspel's boss during the time that the prisoners at GITMO were subject to enhanced interrogations, as CIA chief in 2013.

The remark, while insensitive but true, would not have been made if McCain had remained silent while being treated by the Mayo Clinic near his home in Arizona. There would have been no reason to mention him. John McCain brought himself into the conversation.

It is also fair to point out that when John McCain came back to the Senate after being diagnosed with a brain tumor and dramatically voted to continue with Obamacare, he had a 'Cadillac' health care plan provided to him by his employer, the people of the United States, yet he voted to leave over 400,000 of the people he represents in Arizona with unaffordable or no health insurance. How selfish of McCain to deny those he supposedly represents affordable health insurance while those same people provide him with his health insurance. By the way, the 400,000 estimate was provided by none other than the junior Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake (RINO-AZ), during an interview while on a book promotional tour a short time before the vote in the Senate.

Fox News can invite anyone they want to speak on their programs, but to ban someone because they spoke an insensitive truth doesn't seem fair and balanced.

Posted by Rick | May 11, 2018 02:02 PM | Social Studies

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