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January 9, 2019

How Much Blood Does It Take To Make A Crisis?

The question for today is: How much blood does it take to make a crisis?

Police officers shot and killed by illegal aliens. Millions of doses of lethal illegal drugs flowing across our border with Mexico while more Americans are dying annually from drug overdoses than were killed in the entire Vietnam war. Thousands of American lives lost by illegal aliens driving drunk, hundreds of killings by MS13 and other Hispanic gangs, thousands of sexual assaults by illegal aliens, not to mention all the other petty and not-so-petty crimes committed by illegal aliens. Emergency rooms overflowing with illegal aliens with tuberculosis, flu, pregnancies and other sundry ailments while Americans wait for hours for care. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens clogging up the immigration process by making bogus claims for asylum. School rooms all over the country filled with students who don't speak english which makes teaching those who do speak English almost impossible.

All this and more, yet Nancy and Chuckie have the audacity to continue with the refrain: No crisis here.....

Posted by Rick | January 9, 2019 01:17 PM | Political Science

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