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Now Comes The Impeachement Of Trump...Again

President Donald J. Trump was not guilty of any "high crimes or misdemeanors" when he gave his speech last Wednesday.

Unlike the first impeachment which was about a phone call where the only record was a transcription of the call, this time the President's speech was televised for the world to see.

During the first impeachment of President Trump, the Democraps (Communists) tried to 'interpret' the words of the President to claim he had committed a high crime or misdemeanor, and they are going to try to 'interpret' his words once again to justify another impeachment.

You will not, however, see any news outlets replaying any part of the speech where Trump supposedly incited someone, anyone, to commit acts of violence, and they are not going to replay it, because, once again, there is not one shred of evidence that anything of the sort was said,

It's obvious Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer and the Democraps (Communists) want to impeach the President. They've wanted to impeach him since he won the election in 2016, even before he had taken the oath of office. Unfortunately all they have is their unhinged hatred of him and his supporters, not because there is a valid reason to do so.

Posted by Rick | January 11, 2021 09:24 AM

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