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Egg Everywhere

I thought that government agencies were now sharing information...

The Department Of Homeland Security has egg all over itself as it was announced by the FBI that one of the Chinese they believed might be headed to Boston with a dirty bomb has been in American custody for some time.

A Chinese woman wanted in connection with an alleged terror plot against Boston has been in U.S. custody since mid-November and has no known ties to terrorism, the FBI said Saturday.

You can read more about it in this CNN.com piece.

How long could it possibly take to match pictures of Chinese in our custody against the pictures of the supposed infiltrators? At the very least, someone should check to see who we have in custody before plastering wanted pictures all over the TV.

It appears that the problem is not just a one time glitch, but is systemic. It also appears that if you are an insider and agree with this assessment you won't be on the inside long.

Clark Ervin, the inspector general of DHS until two days after our interview, said what ABC News found in Hawaii raised serious questions about homeland security priorities.

Please read the complete December 17, 2004, article by ABC News.

I'm sure that some of the manpower used to solicit 'platinum' sponsorships for the latest 'conference' could have been diverted to cross-checking a few pictures, but Secretary Tom Ridge was apparently too busy playing big-shot to appoint someone to this task.

Posted by Rick | January 22, 2005 10:57 PM

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