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World War III - The New Crusades!

If you thought I was kidding after you read my last three posts, you must know that, in light of the arrest of 21 al Qaeda terrorists in London who were plotting to blow up 20 planes en route to the United States, I was not. This is a worldwide war against civilization as we know it by the Muslim world, and life is going to become much more complicated for us all in the coming days, months, and years.

The Muslim religion is infected with a virus - the virus of hate. Government and religious leaders who would have you believe that we need only worry about a few radical Muslims are delusional. We must not be diluted into believing that this is only a small radical fringe of the followers of Muhammad who are conspiring to undermine our way of life.

Mark my words...Take it to the bank...Write it in stone...Ultimately, this war will be waged by a majority of the Muslim world against us and our way of life and, unfortunately, they will keep coming after us until we eliminate them all by whatever means necessary.

Posted by Rick | August 10, 2006 02:54 AM

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