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Obama - He Loves The Sound Of His Own Voice

I told someone before tonight’s speech by our country’s orator-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama, that there would be nothing new, and I predicted that the speech would be little more than soaring, but empty, campaign rhetoric filled with distortions, half-truths, promises that could not be met, and even outright lies. As usual, I was correct on all counts.

Obama returned to the basic math that any fifth grader would know just doesn’t add up.

1) If there are $600 billion dollars in savings that can be found in Medicare, show us first.
2) If there are enough doctors, nurses, hospital beds, and other equipment to handle another 30 or 40 million people without creating long lines, poorer treatment, and ultimately rationing, show us first.
3) If health care costs are 1/6th (17% +/-) of the nation’s economy, how is a health care premium of 8% per worker going to begin to cover all the costs?
4) If this is such a good program, why is the Congress excluding itself from the program?
5) Why is there a refusal to address tort reform for medical malpractice when malpractice insurance is such a huge portion of current helath care costs?
6) Why should anyone believe that the government could run a program that is 1/6th of our economy when it can’t run the post office, Medicare, social security, or even a piddlely little program like cash-for-clunkers efficiently?

This was nothing more than the orator-in-chief talking because he loves the sound of his own voice; nothing more.

Posted by Rick | September 9, 2009 11:10 PM

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