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Sandra Fluke And Birth Control

Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student who testified before a partisan (Democrats only) Democratic Steering Committee about the high cost of birth control this past week, a slut.

Ms. Fluke may or may not be a slut, but without any 'hard' evidence that she is, in fact, a slut, the description was uncalled for.

What is not in question is that Ms. Fluke wants to be a parasite on the back of society. She would like other people to pay for her birth control whether they know her or not, or whether they agree with her position on birth control or not.

People have a right to do what they want to their bodies. Want a tattoo - knock yourself out. Want to pierce your ears, nose, lips, tongue or any other of the various body parts that can be pierced - be my guest. Want to get an abortion - it's your conscience you have to live with. Want to take birth control or the morning after pill - you absolutely have the right to do so. You have the right to do all of the above, but you do not have the right to force me to pay for any of the crap you do.

Ms. Fluke, and/or her parents, will end up paying tens of thousands of dollars for her law degree at Georgetown University, but she wants us to pay $3,000 (her estimate) so she can fornicate out of wedlock. Why shouldn't she ask her partner(s) to pay for a share of the costs. Another alternative would be to go to a less expensive law school so she can afford birth control pills and can fornicate to her heart's content. Georgetown University's published tuition per semester (2011-2012) for a full time Juris Doctor (JD) student is $23,432.50. Add $8,000.00 for room, board and incidentals per semester and the total cost per year is $62, 865.00 per year - $188,595.00 for three years.

She really has a lot of unmitigated gall to sit before any congressmen and cry poverty.

Note: I did a little online research and it appears that Ms. Fluke was padding the cost of her birth control pills. The annual visit to the doctor that is required in order to get the prescription for birth control pills will cost about $200 and the pills can cost between $20 and $50 per month. Therefore, using the maximum prices, the cost would be $800 per year and the minimum would be $440 per year.

Here's yet another, less expensive, alternative for Ms. Fluke. A well known brand of condoms, which have the added benefit of preventing some/most sexually transmitted diseases, can be purchased at drugstore.com for $ .50 each. Even if Ms. Fluke is a slut and is having sex on a daily basis, the annual cost of condoms would be less than $185. (I know quite a bit about condoms because while I was in college, I bought condoms by the gross (12 dozen) and sold them to my fraternity brothers. (Our motto was, not unlike the Boy Scouts, 'Be prepared!')

Posted by Rick | March 3, 2012 03:38 PM

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