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Democrats Shut Down Government

Senate majority leader Prince Harry Reid (D-NV) with support from HRH Obama effectively shut down most of the federal government today because the alternative would have meant that he and all the other congressmen and women, their staffs and most other political appointees would have had to join the Affordable Health Care exchanges just like everyone else if they had agreed to pass the continuing resolution (CR) sent to them by the House of Representatives.

The arrogance of the Democrats who believe that they should not suffer under the same laws they force others to live under is stunning, and reminds one of the old Soviet Union where the leaders shopped in grocery stores with fully stocked shelves while the poor peasants shopped where the bread was stale and the meat counters were shut down because there was nothing to sell.

Someone should remind the Democrats that they're no better than us, the poor peasants they serve.

Posted by Rick | October 1, 2013 04:29 AM

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