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Socialized Healthcare, Then And Now

Interestingly, socialized medicine was the debate topic when I was a sophmore in high school. I was against it then and nothing has convinced me to change my opinion. Virtually all the available information then, and now, indicate that health care suffers under a socialized medical care law.

Liberals seem to believe that the (Un)Affordable Care Act is the only plan out there and complain that conservatives don’t have a plan.

First: I don’t know why the liberals have to mess with those of us who already have health insurance. The (Un)ACA policies are discouraging businesses from hiring and making part-time workers out of full-time workers. If liberals are concerned about those who don’t have any insurance, deal with that problem and leave the rest of us alone.

Second: I would submit there is a conservative plan and it is called the free market. Let the insurance companies compete in all states for the business and it will keep prices down. The 30-40 million people who do not have health insurance could be asked to obtain, at a minimum, a major medical insurance policy so the country doesn’t have to pick up the tab if they have some type of catastrophic injury or illness.

Third: Do tort reform that will keep malpractice insurance costs down, which would, in turn, reduce the cost of care.

Fourth: Disallow the forgiveness of medical care costs in bankruptcy.

Fifth: A sales tax or value added tax on insurance policies and/or health care could be put in place to subsidize those who cannot afford the major medical policy.

Posted by Rick | November 16, 2013 01:57 AM

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