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Note To Glenn Beck

I get it...you don't like Donald Trump. Your 3 hour diatribes against him for the past year or so have made that perfectly clear.

I was a Cruz supporter during the primaries, but unfortunately I can't vote for him for President and must choose the lesser evil of 4 candidates. Not voting is not an option. If I don't vote, it only makes someone else's vote more valuable.

It would be nice to stand on principle, but this is the real world. The real world where choices must be made between options that may not always be ideal.

You told a listener who made it clear that she was going to vote for not Hillary, which meant she was going to vote for Trump and you said you disagreed with her choice. She could vote for Stein or Johnson but they can't win and voting for a third party candidate (Perot) who couldn't win gave us Bill Clinton.

I take it that you will not vote for Trump, but suggested recently that it was important that the GOP hang on to the Senate because of the Supreme Court. So you do understand the importance of the Court, where appointees have an effect far beyond the term of any President.

A Supreme Court that would abolish partial birth abortions would be nice. A Supreme Court that would protect our 2nd Amendment rights would be nice. A Supreme Court that would protect the Constitution in general would be nice.

If you think that having a small majority in the Senate would keep a liberal nominee from sitting on the Court, you are wrong. Mitch McConnell will not protect us from liberal appointees for the next 4 years.

The only way to ensure that a conservative will sit on the Court is by nominating a conservative. (Of course, John Roberts is a glaring example of how this could even go wrong.)

The Supreme Court is the ultimate prize in this election and the person who would nominate the most conservative judge is the person that should be voted for.

I am reminded of the true story of the man who had to cut off his arm in order to survive. He must have said to himself...It would be nice to have two arms, but at what cost.

Posted by Rick | October 27, 2016 09:40 AM

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