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James 'Captain Courageous' Comey Really A Weasel

Former FBI director James Comey is more of a fortune teller, by his own account, than investigator.

Comey fired up his crystal ball on more than one occasion in the past year.

While coming to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton showed no 'intent' while committing over 10 felonies involving her private servers including storing top secret information on unsecured servers, the destruction of over 30,000 emails, the cleaning of her hard drives with a program called BleachBit, allowing her assistant to send classified emails to a computer controlled by her assistants husband, destroying government cell phones with hammers, and more.

When Comey claims that President Trump said he hoped Comey could let the investigation of former national security advisor Michael Flynn go, Comey, who said he felt it was an order, was under obligation to immediately report the conversation to his supervisor, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, because, as such, it was an attempt to obstruct justice. Comey said he didn't report it because he felt, I guess because he had consulted his crystal ball once again, that his supervisor, Attorney General Sessions was going to recuse himself and we know that AG Sessions did just that 17 days later. Unfortunately, after the recusal Comey didn't bother to report it to the next in command at the Attorney General's office either. Maybe it wasn't an order, or maybe, just maybe, it wasn't that important.

Comey also said during the hearing that he wrote down his recollections of his meetings with President Trump because he feared the President would lie about the content of their conversations. Did he have some reason to believe that President Trump was that big of a liar or was he consulting his crystal ball again?

Why would the director of the FBI want to work with and for a man he distrusted so much and who he believed had attempted to obstruct justice?

Posted by Rick | June 8, 2017 12:15 PM

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