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Howard Dean's The New Face Of The DNC

In a NY Times piece entitled Dean Emerging as Likely Chief for Democrats by Adam Nagourney and Anne E. Kornblut, it appears to be all over but the shouting (pun intended). Howard Dean will be the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Democrats said Dr. Dean overcame the hurdles of his failed presidential candidacy by intensely courting Democratic leaders, assuring them that he was not the liberal and undisciplined caricature that many said they saw last year. He also freely made the kind of bread-and-butter promises that have always helped politicians win elections, promising to channel at least $11 million in national Democratic money to pay salaries at the state parties, Democratic officials said.

The Democrats are selling themselves out for $11 million dollars. Really very cheap when you consider how much George Soros and his cohorts spent on 527 ads during the presidential campaign. Howard Dean thinks the Democratic party needs better organization in order to rebound against the Republican onslaught, and that may very well be the case, but truth be told, what they really need to dig themselves out of the hole they're in is a good idea or two, or ten. I wonder if the Democrats ever heard of Newt Gingrich's Contract with America.

Thankfully, we won't have to look at Terry McAuliffe's smirk any more. (With his attitude and his little smile, he was always too cute by half.) Under McAuliffe's leadership, the Democrats should have discovered that throwing piles of money at an election would not necessarily translate into a victory without the necessary message behind the money. Can you say Contract With America?

Monday, during the pre-buttal by Senate minority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of President Bush's State Of The Union speech, it was apparent that there is no new message, not yet anyway, just petty politics. Read more about their forgettable appearance before the Natioanal Press Club here.

Pelosi spoke dismissively of the reception Mr. Bush is likely to receive from GOP lawmakers on Wednesday night in the first State of the Union address of his second term. "You really don't have to have very many communications skills if you have a couple of hundred people who will jump to their feet when you recite the ABCs," she said.

John Kerry said 'I have a plan' thousands of times during the campaign, but his message was really 'I can do anything you can do better,' and Monday's pre-emptive strike by Reid and Pelosi was little more than Kerry's message regurgitated. There were no solutions to problems; no new plans; no new ideas - just the same tired message over and over and over. (Message to Harry and Nancy: Keep up the good work.)

With the brain trust of Reid and Pelosi, not to mention Senators Teddy ‘Chappaquiddick’ Kennedy, Robert 'KKK' Byrd, and Mark ‘Beam Me Up’ Dayton, in the Congress, the Democrats are neck-deep in an idea vacuum. We know Howard Dean can raise money on the internet. It will be interesting to see if the internet can provide him with a decent idea or ten.

Posted by Rick | February 2, 2005 08:16 AM

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