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A Leveled Playing Field

While Hamas and Hezbollah rain rockets and missiles into Israeli territory indiscriminately, everybody and his uncle are crying crocodile tears about the fact that Israel has bombed targets like gas stations, power plants, airports, homes and offices of known terrorists and other strongholds of the Muslim fanatics.

Poor babies...

If Hamas and Hezbollah want peace, the road is very clear. They must give Israel back the soldiers they captured and stop attacking Israel with rockets, missiles and suicide bombers.

Israel has done virtually everything it could to assure peace in the region by leaving Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, yet its reward has been more unprovoked violence.

Now that the battle is joined, I sincerely hope Israel will do everything necessary to insure its future safety up to, and including, the leveling of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Unfortunately, that is what it is going to take, because the Sunni and Shiite Muslims are too damn stupid to understand anything else. Enough is enough!

Posted by Rick | July 15, 2006 08:23 PM

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