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Bring Back Saddam?!

Massive demonstrations in the streets of Baghdad this past week calling for death to Americans and Israelis while extolling the virtues of Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah have been very disappointing.

While it would seem that great strides have been made in bringing democracy to Iraq, it may be that the Iraqis just aren't ready to self govern. President Bush '41 had it right when he left Saddam Hussein in power after the first Gulf War. The Iraqis only seem to behave themselves when a strong-man like Saddam treats them like children, and tortures and/or kills them when they misbehave.

We have spent more than 2,500 lives and hundreds of billions of hard-earned dollars to bring self-rule to Iraq, yet there is obviously no one in Baghdad who appreciates the effort. Every day it becomes more apparent that there are no real reasons for us to to continue trying to root out troublemakers in Baghdad - the city is full of irrational troublemakers, none of which is is worth the value of the elements that make up their DNA. Perhaps we should surround Baghdad, cut off all routes in and out of the city, and let the inhabitants continue their civil war until there is no one left.

The Muslims will be happy because they have gone to be with Mohammed and the virgins that await them in hell, and we will have cut our losses without running. Everyone wins.

Posted by Rick | August 6, 2006 11:23 PM

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