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Obfuscations, Distortions & Outright Lies

HRH Obama did not disappoint in his prime time speech tonight.

From the preposterous assertions that we have had great success in defeating Al Qaeda in Somalia and Yemen; to the delusional belief that the state of our economy is getting better based on questionable job growth and fictitious unemployment numbers (officially 6.1%; unofficially 12%) that belie the fact that we have fewer people working now than we had 35 years ago, and a financial system on the verge of collapse under the weight of an $18 trillion dollar debt; to the promise that he is going to wipe out ISIL with, as he put it just last month, doctors, farmers and pharmacists fighting in Syria and Iraq, and no American boots on the ground, HRH Obama takes us for fools.

ISIL has control over many cities and towns in Iraq and Syria which is going to hinder the effectiveness of our air power. Furthermore, ISIL has control over a substantial amount of oil-rich land in Iraq which allows them to collect and sell enough oil on tthe black market to keep them on the offensive indefinitely.

With no effective army to combat the stranglehold ISIL has on much of Syria and Iraq, it is naive to believe that we can effectively remove ISIL from the territory they now control, much less wipe them out.

Posted by Rick | September 10, 2014 06:54 PM

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